• You may need visa if you are traveling from certain countries. Please make sure if you need one and if there is some problem with getting you one we may be able help you. Just contact us as soon as possible.
  • If you are arriving on Prague Airport there are few options how to get to venue. You can take a public transport bus 119, which will take you to underground station. You can take AirportExpress bus which goes directly to the centre or you can take a Taxi. Please be advise that this may get expensive and we recommend to order a cheaper Taxi. We have good references for SpeedCars: +420 222 234 234 or you can order a taxi online, you just need to provide your flight number:  Taxi Modry Andel
  • If you are planning on arriving by car we recommend you to park outside of city centre. In some part of Prague there are “blue zones” which are only for local residents and your car is going to be towed away.
  • Czech Republic has it’s own currency “Koruna”. You can not pay with Euro in Prague. There are currency exchanges all over the city centre. We do not recommend to change your money at the airport. We do not recommend relaying completely on CreditCards [Visa, MasterCard, Maestro...] since not all restaurants/shops accept them.