Seeding rules for EYYC 2011

  • All 2010 European Champions are seeded directly into the finals.
  • Winners of all recognized 2010 National championships in each of the five divisions are seeded into the finals.
  • Winners of  X-Division (or Open, Y-Division etc…), where contestant may compete in more than one style, do not earn a seed in any of the division.
  • Please note that qualification will be held only in divisions with more than 10 registered competitors. That means 1A and 5A for sure. If the number of registered contestants in other 3 divisions exceeds 10 and qualification is added, it will appear on the website asap.

Seeded players


  • Vaclav Kroutil (EYYC 2010, Czech Republic)
  • Bálint Farkas (Hungary)
  • Kusti Aholainen (Finland)
  • Victor Gravitsky (Russia)
  • Daniel Tamariz (Spain)
  • Krisztian Kalusza (UK)
  • Matej Hatala (Slovakia/Austria)
  • Carlos Braun (Germany)
  • Clement Bertaux (France)
  • Mateusz Ganc (Poland)
  • Alessio Dalla Villa (Italy)


  • Petr Kavka (EYYC 2010, Czech Republic)
  • Dániel Budai (Hungary)
  • Mikhail Baklanov (Russia)
  • Sebastian Sheu (Germany)
  • Karol Szyszka (Poland)
  • Simone Celestino (Italy)


  • Nándor Gröger (EYYC 2010, Hungary)
  • Suponenkov Maxim (Russia)
  • Lorenzo Sabatini (Italy)


  • Lorenzo Sabatini (EYYC 2010, Italy)
  • Stepan Kosintsev (Russia)


  • Dave Geigle (EYYC 2010, Germany)
  • Nikolai Gusev (Russia)
  • Luke Roberts (UK)

* We are still updating seeded players, if your country is not listed or we have some mistakes on the lists, please contact us on email: sedivy (at)