Miguel Correa (Miggy) spends the day at YoYoFactory creating the new standard of modern yoyo videos. In the evening, he works on his blog Studio Sessions pumping out new tricks at a rapid rate. He travels the world competing, has judged the Mexican National Yoyo Contest as well competed at this years 44 Clash in Japan. Busy guy, but still #1 at his game winning the last 3 USA national 5A titles (he now has 4 of these in total) Miguel is excited to making his first trip to Europe for the 2011 European YoYo Contest!

Francis Patrick Cuartero (Pat) is the owner of the famous Yoyonation family. He currently lives in Makati (Manila, Philippines) but he’s coming to Prague to be the speaker at the EYYC because his last years performance (although he lost his voice) made the atmosphere just incredible and many say that it was him who was the biggest star of the entire show.

Brandon Jackson is a member of Duncan Crew World-Wide and producer of “Throw 2008″, a video of some of the best modern yo-yoers in the world. He is currently the National Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Duncan Toys. Brandon first started yoyoing in Kindergarten when his recess teacher had lessons using Duncan Buttefly yo-yos. A few years later he picked up a Duncan Glow Imperial at the local drug store and was hooked! During the yo-yo boom of ’98/’99 yoyoing became his #1 hobby. At the age of 14 he landed a job at the local “YoMomma” mall kiosk (cart) as a demonstrator. In 2001 he founded the Nashville Tn yo-yo club “Team Chaotix”. It was that year that Brandon fell in love with the Duncan Freehand, and attended the World Yo-Yo Contest for the first time. In 2008 he was invited to join the Duncan Crew. And in August of 2009 he was offered the National Sales & Marketing Coordinator position with Duncan Toys.

Seth Peterson is co-owner of Save Deth, avid member of  Team Chubby Lovin’ and a nice guy. When he’s not making rad yo-yo videos or screenprinting awesome shirts he enjoys eating, traveling and long walks on the beach. 2011 EYYC will be Seth’s first time visiting Europe, but certainly not his last.

Patrick Mitchell has played a lot of different roles during his time as a yo-yo player: Competitor, international demonstrator, actor(!?), salesman and many many more… After a brief hiatus from competitive yo-yoing during 2007-2008, Patrick came back into the scene in 2009 by taking 1st in the 2A division at the US National yo-yo competition, followed swiftly by 1st place at California States 2010, BAC 2010, and SWR 2010. When he isn’t pushing the boundaries of competitive 2A yo-yoing, Patrick dedicates the majority of his time working for YoYoFactory USA as the director of sales. After acting as a judge for EYYC 2010, Patrick is ready to do it all over again at EYYC 2011!

Kohta Watanabe is a high end classy guy with a classy style and top notch 1A skills. Currently promoting himself and Duncan during work in night clubs, he’s a co-organizer of Japan 44Clash yoyo competition.