Basic information:

What: European Yoyo Championship. Europe best yoyo players show off their skills in Prague.
When: January 29th and January 30th 2011
Wheretheatre Archa, Na Poříčí 26, Prague 1
Categories: Ladder, SpinTop, Open, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A
Registration: Competitors can register through form on this website or at the door. If you register online and in advance you get a (massive) discount.

Entrance fee is 80czk (3€) for both days or 50czk (2€) for one day. Competitors are free of charge.

A bit of history:

The first ever European Yoyo Championship was held in the United Kingdom in 1953. This was a Duncan organized contest which was won by the Duncan Crew member Don Robertson. He managed to hold to his title for staggering 57 years (although this was mainly because there wasn’t another European contest for this period of time). It was around 2007 that the idea of new, fresh and massive EYYC appeared. After many debates within the European community it was decided (well, we kind of volunteered) that Czech Yoyo Association should organize this event in Prague. A team of 5 people (or so) set to work and in January 2010 the best European yoyo players arrived to Prague and competed for the title of European Yoyo Champion.  This time the competition was divided into 5 divisions (which appeared during the 57 year long pause) and five new Champions of Europe were announced. They were: Václav Kroutil (Czech Republic) in 1A division, Dave Geigle (Germany) in 2A, Lorenzo Sabatini (Italy) in 3A, Nandor Groger (Hungary) in 4A Offstring division and Petr Kavka (Czech Republic) in 5A counterweight division. The final number of competitors in 2010 was around 150 people. The number of spectators exceeded 600 within the two days we spent in club Roxy. Though the biggest applause of the whole event did not go to Václav Kroutil (1A is kind of the biggest deal in yoyo comunity), but to Don Robertson, 81 year old former European Champion, after he landed the trick SkyRocket (the most oldschool trick you can imagine). The organizers of this event flew him in from UK so that the title could be presented from hands of the former champion to the new one. His participation showed everyone just how much history is behind this incredible community. That was (apart from everything else) the reason why we decided to hold European Yoyo Championship again in 2011.

Boom.tv report from EYYC 2010