Two weeks to go – here’s what you need to know

With two weeks to go we have some sutff which needs to be said and reminded. So here we go:

1, Look at the sponsors. Click the links. Buy the products! Without them EYYC would never exist.

2, If you still wondering if it’s worth going to Prague at the end of January – just look in the Guest section of the website! I think i am right in saying that there’s never been so many yoyo superstars on one place in Europe. Ever.

3, Music submission. Many of you pre-registerd which we’re greatfull for but almost the same number of people did not include the music in the registration form. We need the music before the event! And you don’t want to pay the fee for bringing the music late – do you? So please – send your (TAGGED!) music to before 27th of January.

4, Hspin 3×3 Battle – EYYC is going to feature this battle contest again in 2011. The rules are simple and the outcome is fun. Register your teams before the event :]

5, For the people that can not make it to Prague – we’re going to livestream the whole event so keep checking this website for more information.

6, NEW YOYOS! Yes – you’ll be able to buy some. There’s going to be a number of booths: Czech Yoyo Asociation, Duncan, Hspin, YoyoFactory and YoyoNation all featuring the hotest and newest products for awesome prices.

7, We got a number of questions regarding currency at EYYC. We’re going to accept Czech Korunas and Euros (bank notes only, no coins – you’ll get change in CZK). The official exchange rate is: 1EUR = 25CZK (in the event of Czech currency collapsing completly in next two weeks we’re ready to change this anytime (; ]

8, Parking: many of you are going to arrive by car – we’re confident to say that parking in the streets is completly ok and safe. Just don’t park in dark corners (: Prague 1, 2, 3 and 7 have residency zones (blue lines) – do not park on these. Anything else is ok. There’s an iPhone app that show’s you places which are ok to park in. So if you have a iPhoneget one – for free.