Change of venue – theatre Archa

We’re now officially announcing a change of the venue for the European Yoyo Championship 2011. Club Roxy, where the event was supposed to be held in the first place, was recently closed by health & safety executives. This was a surprising information even for the Roxy management (you can imagine our suprise). It was something that no-one expected and it came in almost the worst possible time for us. In the last two weeks we were working long hours to find a suitable solution which would not compromise the event. After many meetings, phonecalls, emails and texts we finally have an awesome place where the EYYC2011 is going to be held!

It’s called theatre Archa and it is located within 5 minutes walk of club Roxy (and the hostel). It’s a 3 stories venue with two bars, restaurant and a large hall where the actual yoyoing is going to happen. It’s going to be just ours for the whole weekend which means that right after Saturday program, we can stay in and chill without any need to move to a different place. It also means that the whole event on Saturday is going to start later (at 11) so you all can have a nice sleep after your journeys to Prague.

We strongly belive that this is not going to compromise the event in any possible way and we’re determined to make it the best yoyo event you ever attended! See you all in 17 days!