What’s missing?

We’re releasing the webpage for public today. It’s still 3 months before the event itself but flight tickets are cheap in advance, hotels needs to be booked… There’s still a lot missing from the website but you can expect most of it very soon. Things as: Logo (in the works), registration form (give us a couple of days), a list of seeded players (hey, EU organizers, contact us with the results of your national contests), schedule (coming as soon as we have a better idea of how many of you are going to compete), sponsors (do you want to sponsor us? contact us!), Czech translation of the website (sorry folks, but you’re all clever and you’ll find your way around the language barrier) and a lot more. Also, please contact us if you encounter a bug or wrong bit of info on the website (we’re not perfect you know…).

But the important thing is – we’re LIVE and so is European Yoyo Championship 2011!